BlackAlps 2020 Call for Videos

This year BlackAlps will take another format. We have decided to go for an online edition, but, not a live one. That would be too short. Instead, we plan on releasing selected talks and special guests interviews during the months of January and February.

Talks will be in a 20min format (max), self recorded and uploaded through our YouTube channel. To take part in BlackAlps YT edition, follow this steps:
- reflect on your talk subject
- submit it through our portal between October 1st 2020 and October 31st 2020
- follow selection process during November
- upon notification of selection, beginning of November, you will have until December 15th 2020 to send us a recording of your talk

  • note1: selected talks will be modified before uploading them in order to include BlackAlps logo in the video.
  • note2: shorter talks are welcome, e.g. between 5 and 20minutes.

Proposal topics

We expect an event offering a wide range of topics ranging from software security to cyber security, data protection, legal, technical and organizational aspects of software, hardware, networks, infrastructures, systems, and others. Topics could be:

  • Secure applications, design, and implementation;
  • Applications security (software, Web apps, Web services, mobile apps, etc.);
  • Network security (protocols, attacks, firewalls, appliances, etc.);
    • Infrastucture security (automation, cloud, kubernetes, ...)
  • Intrusion detection and monitoring (IDS, security operation centers, etc.);
  • Security governance;
  • Cryptography;
  • Risks and threats analysis;
  • Identity management, authentication mechanisms, and identity federation;
  • Specific topics such as: e-voting, e-health, e-banking, e-commerce, and wider domains such as defense, finance, industry, services, and human resources;
  • Legislation, regulations, standards;

Proposal language

Talks can be recorded in French or in English, with a preference for the former ;)

Required submission details

We require you to give the following information:

  • a title;
  • a 200-words abstract describing your talk;
  • a few words on why we should accept your talk;
  • estimated length of your talk (between 5 and 20minutes);
  • a statement on whether your talk will be recorded in English or French;
  • a list of authors and their affiliations;
  • the name of the presenters;
  • complete contact information for the presenter, including e-mail, web presence (website/blog/twitter/...), mobile phone number;
  • a short biography;