BlackAlps 2022

The submission process will open on May 24th 2022 and run until July 15th 2022, now extended to July 31st!

Program committee

The program committee is composed of international renowned experts in the field responsible for building a program of quality. They will collect the proposals and select the most outstanding ones.
- Julien Bachmann, Google (chair)
- Diane Dubois, Google
- Matthieu Estrade, Aviatrix
- Sylvain Pelissier, Kudelski Security
- Pasquale Stirparo, Ph.D, Dragos, Inc
- Tobias Ospelt, Pentagrid
- Patrick Ventuzelo, FuzzingLabs

Benefits for the speakers

Accepted speakers and trainers will enjoy the following benefits:
- reimbursement of travel costs up-to a decent amount
- paid accommodation (up to 3 nights)
- free admission to the event, as well as the social events

Proposal topics

We expect an event offering a wide range of topics ranging from software security to cyber security, data protection, technical and organizational aspects of software, hardware, networks, infrastructures, systems, and others. Topics could be:
- Application security
- Vulnerability research
- Penetration testing and red teaming
- Cloud security
- Security automation
- Network security
- Intrusion detection and monitoring
- Cryptography;

Specific topics such as: e-voting, e-health, e-banking, e-commerce, and wider domains such as defense, finance, industry, services, and human resources;

Proposal language

Talks (45minutes format) can be given in French or in English, with a preference for the former ;) We however ask speakers to prepare slides in English.

Required submission details

  • title
  • 200-words abstract describing your talk
  • a few words on why we should accept your talk
  • a statement on whether your talk/training will be given in English or French
  • a list of authors and their affiliations
  • the name of the presenters
  • complete contact information for the presenter, including e-mail, web presence (website/blog/twitter/...), mobile phone number and full home address
  • a short biography
  • a TLP classification for your talk (tldr; if you allow the talk to be recorded and put online)

If available, the following could also be part of your submission
- A description of the research presented in the talk with a maximal length of 4 pages and/or the slides if already available;
- if needed, a list of special requirements (special network access, equipment, etc.)